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how to measure top mount kitchen sink

Jun 15, 2017

Next, let's introduce: Stainless steel kitchen sink sewer installation mouth

Water to large diameter, stainless steel, with filter basket is preferred. Water mouth, the location of the filter basket is also fastidious, if the water hole in the central location of the sink, the cupboard will not put anything, so the hole to the wall, the pipe installed on the walls of the better, not only to go fast, but also effective use of the tank under the Cabinet space. High-quality water requirements of the wall thickness, smooth treatment, the cage closed when the water will never leak. The mouth has a ball positioning, squeeze-type sealing and Taiwan-controlled water, touch bead durable and feel comfortable, strong sealing, easy to store water quickly, can automatically filter impurities, avoid plugging down the water pipe, the use of high-quality rubber, not easy to wear. Fastening sealing parts with self tapping screws to ensure sealing, safe and fast operation. The design of the lower water pipe into s-shaped can reduce the return smell of the sewer. The overflow port device ensures the safety of the kitchen.

The inlet according to the diameter can be divided into: 110mm (currently the basic use of this diameter), 114mm, 140mm and 160mm. 114mm of Gray steel (ball positioning, very durable), manual automatic (can rotate 90 degrees to locate the water), the Taiwan Control automatic water (both can be used to control the water, and use manual water), but also a market has just launched the whole steel water (all parts are steel, including water umbrella) several kinds of structure, 140mm general use and manual automatic and the two, but it is generally equipped with double separated slag large lifting cage; 160mm is the same structure as 140mm. All of these structures in the water, the most important is the sealing ring, must ensure that the quality can not leak, it is best to have a steel pad at the bottom of the apron; especially for the 114mm and 110mm of gray steel as long as everyone carefully break, you can know good water tank with a good steel slag basket, sealing water aprons elastic Good, the following also has steel. All good stainless steel sewer is more expensive.