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how to install undermount stainless steel kitchen sinks

Jun 14, 2017

Kitchen sink is very important, because we wash dishes every day, are inseparable from the sink, we can say that the sink has a direct impact on the health of our lives. So many consumers will buy stainless steel sinks, so that the convenience of daily cleaning and finishing, beautiful life, for our health will not have an impact. So how to install stainless steel kitchen sink?

1, will be installed in the faucet in advance connected to the inlet of the water switch, installation should pay attention to the cohesion of the firm, but also pay attention to a detail, is the location of hot and cold water pipe, do not make mistakes.


2, overflow hole is to avoid the water tank to overflow the protection of the hole, so in the installation of water pipe overflow hole, to pay attention to the sealing with the groove body, to ensure that the overflow hole of the water pipe itself does not leak.

3, the filter basket under the sewer pipe in the installation, the main attention to the connection between the water pipe and groove, not only to be firm, but also to seal.

4, usually people will buy two filter basket sink, but two of the distance between the water pipes, workers in the installation, will be based on the actual situation of the drainage pipe to cut, at this time to pay attention to the sealing between each interface, the common leakage problem occurs in these joints.

5, stainless steel kitchen sink into the table, the need to install in the trough and the table supporting the hanging piece, the sink installed firmly, to avoid small voids caused by the groove sway.