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how to install top mount sink on granite

Jun 15, 2017

How to install the sink, here I have some general principles for installing sinks:

No matter what the structure of the kitchen, the location of the sink should be as far as possible in accordance with the principle of convenient water, do not move arbitrarily, in case of water blockage.

Sinks and stoves too near will bring inconvenience to the operation, should take into account the safety distance between the two, leaving the space to be able to display items and operations, the best refrigerator and sink side by side, the stove on the other side, this triangular layout is the most space-saving design.


If the kitchen is in the water just around the corner, you can design the corner of the cabinet as a washing area, with a specially suited to the corner of the fan-shaped trough, so that the pipeline is concentrated in the corner of the corner cabinet, greatly increasing the overall storage capacity of cabinets, but also more convenient operation.

If the sink in front of the window, it is important to consider whether the height of the faucet will affect the opening and closing of the window, instead of placing the sink on the opposite side of the window, then to consider the factors of backlight, preferably in the washing area with auxiliary light source.

The space above the sink, whether it is a clapboard or pendant has a strong reception function, according to the reasonable placement of categories will make the washing operation more convenient.