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how to install single bowl kitchen sink

Jun 12, 2017

The correct installation of stainless steel kitchen sink and other 

kitchen hardware products can effectively avoid kitchen pollution

Since the eighties of the twentieth century, national hygienists have begun to pay attention to indoor air pollution and health effects. The World Health Organization (WHO) held its first "Indoor Air Quality and Health" conference in the Netherlands in the early 1980s, and has been held several times to study the relationship between indoor air quality and human health and climate, Of indoor air and environmental problems. Research on room pollution and prevention and control is a very important issue. Because the ultimate victims of environmental pollution are humans. Modern sixty to eighty percent of the time is in the indoor activities, especially infants and young people and elderly disabled in the room longer. Followed by indoor air pollution is often more serious than the outdoor. Among them, the kitchen air pollution is a large part of indoor air pollution, its pollution of the home environment has long been concerned about people.

Before installing the kitchen sink, the faucet and inlet pipes should be installed. When installing the faucet, not only requires a strong installation, but also the phenomenon of water seepage at the connection.

After the installation of some of the functional parts of the tank is completed, you can place the sink in the corresponding position in the table, ready to start the next installer.

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1, the installation of the leading kitchen sink inlet pipe

Will be installed in the faucet in front of the inlet pipe connected to the water inlet switch, the installation should pay attention to the convergence of the firm, but also pay attention to a detail, that is, hot and cold water pipe position, not about wrong.

2, install the overflow hole of the water pipe

The overflow hole is to avoid the overflow of the sink to protect the hole, so when installing the overflow hole in the water pipe, pay attention to its seal with the tank at the seal, to ensure that the overflow hole of the water pipe itself does not leak.

3, install the filter basket down the water pipe

Filter the basket of water pipes in the installation, the main attention between the water pipe and the convergence between the tank, not only to be strong, but also to seal.

4, the installation of the overall drainage

Usually people will buy two filter basket sink, but the distance between the two pipes near the workers in the installation, according to the actual situation of the matching drainage pipe cutting, this time to pay attention to each interface Between the seal, the common leakage problems occur in these convergence.

5, the installation of hanging plate reinforcement tank

Sink into the table, the need for the tank and the table between the installation of supporting the coupons, the tank installed firmly, to avoid the small gap led to the left and right trough shaking.