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how to install round sink

Jun 13, 2017

In the kitchen stainless steel round sink is just a fitting, according to reason that do not have to consider too much. You think so because it is not you washing dishes! In the housewife serious any can be used to facilitate the user's kitchen products are a little pleased. Our sink manufacturers in the sink design is full of humanity, in order to facilitate more users here for everyone to introduce some practical stainless steel sink to install small knowledge:

 Stainless steel sink device, usually after the cabinet countertop device. That is, in the decoration a few days before the completion of the sink device, mainly to prevent the device after causing some damage.

  First, open the package, remove the sink tank and drainage components, check the accessories is not accurate and complete.

  Remove the sink, in accordance with the box attached to the hole in the sample table for the opening of the table. View the silencer block is not degumming appearance, if so please paste from scratch.

  View the faucet parts are not cracks, the title received two seals is not missing, dislocation, damage, etc., to prevent leakage after the device.


Sink drain must be left in the tank cabinet, the device tank before the device good angle valve. In order to prevent damage to the faucet outside the faucet device, the faucet or faucet plastic bag should be placed on the faucet for the faucet device operation.

  In the convergence of hot and cold water pipes, the face of the faucet, the left and hot water pipe convergence, the right end and cold water pipeline convergence.

  In the installation of bellows, weaving tube, we must pay attention to the size of the tightening force, too easy to damage the thread, too small may not leak because of the seal.

  After the installation, do stainless steel sink water debugging.

  Reminder: For the stainless steel sink hole scale, usually stainless steel sink hole size for the outer diameter of the tank width and width of the width of the reduction of 2cm-2.5cm, stainless steel water tank opening angle R angle is very important Yantai stainless steel processing. Finally, if the device is dual slot, it is recommended that we replace the two sinks, so that the water tank is not blocked, do not leak.