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how to install overmount kitchen sink

Jun 15, 2017

The bottom of the trough in the country generally has a layer of coating, better coating is the reverse side of the tank with mortar spraying, the common is a rubber gasket affixed to the bottom, this is said to have two of functions:

Anti-noise effect: the bottom of the trough spray or sticky rubber sheet and does not fall off, can reduce the tap water on the impact of the bottom of the pot noise, played a buffering effect, used to mute.

Anti-condensation water effect: Although the sink will not seep, but in the outer wall of the sink is easy to produce water vapor condensation. Frozen food into the sink, water vapor will be agglutination basin bottom to form water droplets, which will make the interior of the cabinet moist. At the bottom of the tank sprayed with a suitable coating, may reduce or even eliminate the temperature difference, the formation of water droplets, high-quality coating has a certain absorption function, protect the cabinet from flooding;


Next, describe how to install Overmount kitchen sink

The edge of the sink is below the stone surface.

The use of Overmount table is not easy to break the column, easy to clean, not easy to raise bacteria, no leakage. The original is porcelain, cast iron, such as the more heavy table used, starting from 2000, stainless steel under the basin has also become popular. The basin is very convenient to clean up, cleaning can be directly on the surface of the remaining away into the pool, the table on the water can easily flow into the basin. Overmount Kitchen sink production is the table of the same material and slurry will sink into one, first water leakage to be resolved, and the appearance of beautiful, easy to use, but do the lower basin is generally another hand processing costs. Its only drawback, if you want to change the use of a sink, the lower basin can not be removed, and the stage basin is free to disassemble.