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how to install kitchen countertop sink

May 22, 2017

A local owner from the Internet to buy a sinks, stainless steel sink installed stone table has been in accordance with the size of this online hole, he is his own dozen cabinets, buy quartz stone countertops, stone master also long gone. Won't can not find the installation of the sink master, so I decided to do my own.

But the installation of waterways encountered a lot of problems, the first installation is the cold water angle valve, I first used him to provide me with the raw materials wrapped in the angle valve, and then twist inside the wire, I wrapped a lot of raw materials, twist when it is easy to twist the end, and then open hot and cold water, I found I screwed the two-corner valve or seepage. I believe that some friends will also encounter such a situation, this is generally the raw material with the quality is not, two solutions, the replacement of other good quality raw materials, or the use of hemp wire.


The owner friend afraid of later still leaking, he said simply use Mas Bar! But hemp silk is different from the raw material belt, entangled more will twist not to go in, less than the raw material is not as good as the belt, only to be wrapped just can. And if the use of raw materials, unarmed can twist the angle valve, and with hemp wire, hand-wringing very laborious, if used to wrench, will be the corner valve above the pad cloth, to prevent the wrench diagonal valve surface of the coating caused damage, the owner is certainly not comfortable.

installation of the angle valve, the hot and cold water with braided pipe, and then the pressure relief valve installed on the general pressure relief valve is installed in the cold water, pay attention to the pressure valve above the water direction, do not install.

Then the faucet will be installed, the sink stable squat on the stone table, will sink the water pipe into the tube inside. The last one is to play glass glue, glass glue will use the glue gun, no glue gun although can also play, but need to be glass glue top out. I used the glue gun, and then the side of the glue with the index finger to wipe the glue smooth, playing two times glass glue and then finished.

If you encounter this situation, you can also install a try, it is not difficult, after all, although the installation of their own slower, but than the master installed more detailed.