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how to install double basin sink

May 22, 2017

1: Who is the sink to install?

In fact, the sink is generally not responsible for the installation of the business, we have two programs, first can find decorate team to be responsible for the installation, in fact, all the materials in the home can be found for them to install, they will not install, will be introduced to the installation of the master to you, you can talk to them about the price. can also find cabinets to shop to install, do cabinets, they will want you sink, cooker, lampblack machine size, best all ready, let the merchant see kind, this is the best. If you are looking for carpentry to fight the cabinets, then it is necessary to find stone business to you installed, they have a professional stone hole tools.


2, sink stage basin, Taiwan Basin, Taiwan Basin which is the best? Do you have a request for the sink?

I suggest that you should install the table basin or a basin, so if you encounter any problems, you can scrape down the glass, the fastener to take down, the sink can be taken down, but the basin is with a meteorite glue to the edge of the sink with stone in the marble table, and the stone glue is very strong, if later encountered problems, then only the marble smashed or cut off.

These three types of installation for the flume is not required, almost all trial, of course, do not exclude some of the special-shaped sink, such as the corner sink, and so on, the best people in the purchase time to ask the merchant, to prevent buying wrong.