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how to install bar sink

Jun 12, 2017

1, leading installation:

When installing the sink, the size of the table should be consistent with the size of the sink itself. So in the choice of sink, be sure to understand the size of the size of the sink. Avoid rework. Then the kitchen sink under the basin to install the first step is to install the faucet, access to the water switch must be strong, and now the faucet has a cold, hot points, this is because the faucet below the inlet pipe has two , One on behalf of the cold water on behalf of another hot water, the two pipes connected together to the water dragon, while not mistaken position. This is the kitchen sink under the basin installed in the process of installing the faucet.


2, the water pipe:

Into the water pipe, in fact, is the faucet drainage of the two pipes. First of all, an inlet pipe connected to the drainage place, the installation must pay attention to the stability and stability, but also pay attention to the two water pipes and hot water and cold water position, do not make a mistake. Two water pipe installation methods and methods are similar, but the load is not the same as the water temperature. This is the kitchen sink sink basin is a very important part of the preparation, in advance to prepare the research plan, and then operate the kitchen sink under the basin installation process, it will not always mistakes.

3, supporting coupons:

The so-called supporting coupons, in fact, is to avoid the gap is too small, which led to the instability of the sink and set the accessories. It is also the most important part of the kitchen sink under the basin installation. After filling the water tank with water, test the overflow hole, filter the blue drainage, found that the water around the sink, then immediately rework, check the installation around the sink. With the configuration of the coupons, the use of screw clamping leveling, in the use of silicone seal the periphery of the sink to ensure that the sink and the table uniform and uniform. Although the supporting coupons are not enough for the road, but after all, is also the kitchen sink under the basin of the installation process.

4, drain:

Installed the faucet, after the water pipe, is not the installation of the drain it? In fact, the drainage pipe is well installed, as long as the end of the drain pipe access to the sink of the drain, the other end is connected to the underground drainage, you can, the most important is the kitchen sink sink basin installed drainage pipe detail. Details of the perfect processing, the use of the future can reduce a lot of trouble, you can also avoid rework. Then the kitchen sink sink basin installed drainage pipe attention to the details of what? Such as the connection between the two, whether solid, sealed properly