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how to install a stainless steel drop in sink

Jun 16, 2017

Reserved for home improvement kitchen sink position

For kitchen sinks, we need to reserve a good kitchen sink before installation. and reserved home furnishings kitchen sink position needs to buy the kitchen sink floor plan to design, so in the purchase time need to ask the merchant kitchen sink floor plan, such as no need to understand the specific size of kitchen sink.


Install taps and Hoses

After reserving a good kitchen sink, need to install the kitchen sink before installing the faucet and water pipe, to ensure that the kitchen sink installed after the normal use of the installation, to avoid ill-conceived caused rework, delay the installation progress. In addition, you need to connect to the inlet of the inlet pipe at one end of the faucet.

Into the kitchen sink of home decoration

After making sure that the previous steps are complete, we need to put the kitchen sink in the kitchen sink in the table, after putting into the table and the kitchen sink to install the matching between the hanging piece, to ensure that the home kitchen sink installed firmly, do not shake, special attention to the kitchen sink and countertops, water pipes between the seam is tight.