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how to double sink drain

Jun 10, 2017

Stainless steel sink drainage mechanism to be optimistic

1, stainless steel sink drain filter in the state of sealed water, filled with water 2h after the leakage shall not be greater than 1%.

2, sink drainage pipe wall thickness

The wall thickness of the drain pipe shall not be less than the following:

The water pipe assembly is 1.57mm; the drain body (except the trap) is 1.62mm.

The drain body made of brass or stainless steel is 0.56 mm. The other is 0.38mm.

3, water trap water seal height should not be less than 50mm.

4, the drainage mechanism and the tank should be tight, there should be no leakage of water in the discharge of hot water when the hose will not be displaced from the connection. The following are the same as the "


5, the drainage mechanism should be able to within 2min will be full of water tank net, the bottom of the table shall not have residual water phenomenon.

6, the aging performance of the drainage pipe after the test should be no cracks, no leakage of water.

Stainless steel sink capacity

1, the bottom of the tank should be able to withstand 100kg concentrated load, the deformation should be less than 3mm.

2, the tank to withstand 100kg load, no sinking, cracking, desoldering and other anomalies.

3, muffler pad (1) muffler pad must be affixed firmly, flat clothing, water use can significantly reduce the noise.

4, the use of adhesives should be consistent with HJ / T 220-2005 "environmental labeling products technical requirements adhesive"

Anti-reverse osmosis coating

1, effectively prevent the back of condensation, dripping phenomenon.

2, the coating should be solid, spray uniform, do not allow flow marks, exposed at the end, wrinkles and fall off and other defects.