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how to clean kitchen stainless steel sink

Jun 02, 2017

Sink part: If appear "float embroider", "mildew spot" how to do?


1: Kitchen decoration, welding crumbs, cement, oil and other residues in the water tank surface, not timely cleaning may cause rust, mildew;

2: Many areas of China's poor water quality, coupled with the majority of pipes for galvanized pipe, water iron and other elements of high content, sink use, if the residue of more water stains, a long time, the water will rust, especially the new house decoration, such as water pipes in the middle and long term left water stains on the sink not timely clean, very easy to cause "floating embroidery";

3: Sometimes, the newly decorated house with mineral or acid, alkaline dust falling trough the surface of the water will also cause "floating embroidery" appear;

4: Kitchen knives, scissors, bottle opener and other steel items placed on the surface of the sink for a long time, will cause "floating embroidery", mold or discoloration;

5: Chemical agents, cleaning agents, paints, sauces, oil and other residues in the water tank, a long time, will cause mold sticking to the surface of the sink.

Prevention and treatment measures:

1: Kitchen renovation, the final installation of the sink, the installation of water pipes in the middle and long term residual drainage net, after installation, the sink thoroughly washed clean;

2: After each use of the sink to clean the sink, do not leave the loot and water stains;

3: Do not leave the kitchen knife, bottle opener, etc. for a long time in the sink, especially do not use steel balls to scrub the sink;

4: In case of "floating embroidery", "mildew spot", can be used toothpaste coated in rust spots, spots, scrub clean with cloth.

Faucet section:

1: The effluent is uneven or the water is small: may be because faucet net mouth (outlet mouth or call bubble device), due to water quality problems, the water stains inside the network mouth congestion; The solution is to take out the water net mouth, with the waste toothbrush can be washed; there is also a possibility that the faucet is blocked by the inlet hose, the solution is: the intake hose out, cleaning can be.

2: The water: must be the valve core out of the problem, you can mark out the red and blue, with the six-corner tool to take the faucet handle, the valve core replaced (this is generally handled by professionals or manufacturers better).

3: The main surface of the chrome-plated layer to become flowers or water mist: The way is to use dry cloth to wipe off, serious vinegar can be cleaned.

Special tip: Do not use steel ball scrub faucet surface!