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How to choose the kitchen sink

Jun 16, 2017

1, stainless steel material classification 304 is SUS304 abbreviation

304DDQ stainless steel is 304 stainless steel with a special process to increase the chromium content of 2 points. 304 Best, 202 slightly worse, 201 times, of course, the price difference is also huge.

2, stainless steel sink sheet thickness

The optimum thickness of the sink plate is between 0.8-1mm, the thicker the steel plate, the higher the casting equipment and processing technology. But it's too thick to affect the load-bearing of the kitchen cabinet.

3, stainless steel sink surface treatment has pearl surface, matte surface, drawing surface, the pressure surfaces, mirror and other different treatment methods

The number of pearl noodles accounted for 90%, but the same as the mirror does not scratch. Sanding and drawing face have higher technical requirements.

4. Stainless steel sink technology has welding method and integrated molding method

We see some famous brand sinks, the same size, but the price varies greatly. There are material factors in this, as well as the cost of the process. The price of integrated molding is higher.

5. Stainless Steel sink Fittings

The quality of the water inlet and the lower pipe directly affects the service and life of the flume. Selection of large caliber, and the use of stainless steel production, with set garbage basket for the best, in addition, it is important to have a control of the water function, so as not only to solve the need to wash the washing water must be removed from the inconvenience, but also to solve the hand into the oily sewage and winter thorn skating water in the bitter.