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how to choose stainless kitchen sink

May 21, 2017

Recently received a lot of feedback in the background, advice to me how to select sinks, is the double groove good or single groove good? There is no more professional advice for their reference. My home decoration before also encountered similar problems, in the synthesis of our professional designers advice, finally selected the right sink. Now I put some of the reference for this problem to everyone, you remember to collect!

Choose Double or single? It depends on the size and pattern of your kitchen.

I believe that the problems we encounter are similar:

Choose two slots, but the home space is limited, the kitchen is not big enough;

Let's take a look at the difference between the installation of the basin and the bottom of the table:

In addition to the visual differences, in fact, they occupy the same space and size!

So, if it's a small kitchen, space is limited, and you want to get a lot more space, then you can buy as large a single slot as possible.


But the premise is that there are a pots in the basin, like this:

Large single basin, with the basin in the basin, the moment single basin change double basin. In general, this basin can be drain basin, can also be without drain function. Large single basin basin, in the single basin slip to slide to go extremely convenient.

See here, some people will be disgusted with the sink cleaning workload is large. In fact, as long as the home is used to pull the faucet, there is no need to worry about sinks and countertops and other corners of the cleaning problem. Pull the faucet to help you out in minutes!

In this case, we must have guessed what is "double groove to Three Groove".

Choose the double trough kitchen, generally is the kitchen space is relatively big, share the kitchen number more family. Double-trough to three-groove, through the basin in the auxiliary role, you can make good use of the water tank space.

In addition to the size of the sink, for the material, I am here to give you some advice.

Kitchen supplies as frequently used items, must be selected durable. When we choose the sink, the material becomes very important. If you touch a 3mm, 4mm thickness of the sink, then you quickly join the order plan!

In addition, now the sink material includes 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel 2 kinds, and the real 304 stainless steel material is not rusty, more durable, so I suggest to buy 304 stainless steel sink. 304 material and easier to clean, reducing many of the problems caused by cleaning, such as stubborn stains residue.