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How To Choose Kitchen Sink? - Granite Sink

Aug 13, 2020

In recent years, more and more people choose granite sinks when buying kitchen sinks. Because the granite sink has the following advantages

1. High temperature resistance

The granite sink can withstand a high temperature of up to 200 degrees, and neither boiling water nor hot oil can damage the surface of the sink.

2. Corrosion resistance

Kitchen cleaners and chemicals cannot cause chemical damage to the sink. Ultra-high hardness results in no possibility of penetrating pollution on the surface texture, even if it is exposed to oil, salt, sauce and vinegar for a long time, it can be cleaned up by washing with water.

3. Oil resistance

The surface of the granite sink has an oleophobic effect and is not easy to accumulate kitchen oil stains, so it is particularly easy to clean.

4. Resistant to bacteria

The surface is fine and delicate, with a stronger antibacterial effect.

5. Scratch resistance

In the process of using the sink, it will go through thousands of times of cleaning, and the real granite sink can leave no scratches.

6. More quiet

The granite sink does not make an annoying sound of water hammer when the tap is turned on when washing vegetables and cooking, and it is very quiet. As long as you listen to the sound of water hitting the tank, you know that stainless steel sinks are much better in comparison.

Finally, the granite sink is made of pure natural stone, so the price is relatively more expensive than other types. In addition, due to its relatively large weight, the countertop must be reinforced during installation.In general, the cost performance of granite sinks is not so high compared to stainless steel sinks.