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How To Choose Kitchen Sink? - Ceramic Sink & Artificial Stone Sink

Aug 22, 2020

Many people now consider materials other than stainless steel sinks when choosing kitchen sinks, such as ceramic sinks and artificial stone sinks.

Ceramic Kitchen Sink

Ceramic kitchen sink is highly aristocratic, fashionable and high-end, the white color gives a clean feeling, high temperature resistance, and low price.In terms of metal, ceramic sinks have a more casual and idyllic feeling. The marble countertop with natural patterns is mainly for people to bring a quiet and comfortable cooking experience. In addition, the ceramic itself is also very easy to take care of, just use ordinary detergent.

Artificial Stone Sink

Artificial stone sinks generally include artificial marble, artificial marble, quartz stone, etc. It has the advantages of strong, fashionable, rich color, simple cleaning, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, noise resistance, strong plasticity, and mild temperament, but it is sharp and hard. Scratching is easy to scratch the surface and damage the finish, and it is generally smaller than stainless steel.