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how to choose a stainless steel sink for kitchen

Jun 14, 2017

Kitchen in our life is a very important role, for us to solve the problem of eating. So believe that everyone for the kitchen decoration is very fastidious, of course, the choice of good kitchen sink is also necessary, many people in the kitchen sink when there are a lot of doubts, the following small series to teach you to choose stainless steel kitchen sink related knowledge.


How to choose Sinks--How to buy high-quality stainless steel sinks

Sinks the thickness of steel plate: high-quality Sinks imported 304 stainless steel steel plate, the thickness of 1mm, and ordinary low-grade trough 0.5mm-0.7mm, the method of discrimination can be distinguished by the weight and surface roughness relatively heavy and relatively flat is a better quality of the sink; anti-noise treatment: The bottom of the high-quality trough spray or sticky rubber sheet and do not fall off, can reduce the tap water on the bottom of the impact caused by the noise, play a cushion, but no greater impact on the flow, can also let more sewage flow away; Surface treatment: After the trough surface treatment, the ability to prevent oil pollution greatly enhanced, high-quality water tank surface formation, visual gloss soft, not easy to sticky oil, easy to clean, wear-resistant.

How to choose sinks-high qualitystainless steel sinks recommended

The Moen trough uses is the abrasive surface, is very popular with the people likes; Olin uses pearl silver noodles, makes the appearance of the trough is more neat and beautiful, the Franke uses is the vortex surface, is advantageous to the flowing water, these trough each has each characteristic; most of the sink using the inner corner treatment: one of the more high-quality sinks within the corner close to 90 degrees, the sink more visual, larger basin volume, faster flow speed; accessory parts: High quality water head requires wall thickness, smooth treatment, no leakage when the cage closes. Touch bead is durable and feel comfortable. The need for environmental protection disposable materials, with easy installation, deodorant, heat, anti-aging functions such as durability.