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How To Choose a Kitchen Faucet-1

Oct 23, 2020

Faucet is an essential thing in the kitchen. How to choose a good faucet to match your kitchen sink? There are some suggestions for your reference as followed.

First,Hot and cold water

Pots and pans in the kitchen often need to be cleaned, especially in winter, hot water is needed for cleaning. So you had better buy a faucet that has hot and cold water two pipes. There are generally single-handle single-hole and single-handle double-hole faucets, which can be purchased according to the specific situation

Second, All-round cleaning

A good faucet should be able to meet the needs of 360° all-round cleaning. Many faucets now have a 360° water outlet rotation function. In addition, a new type of smart touch pull-out faucet has appeared, which can rotate the water in different directions, which is convenient for daily kitchen cleaning, etc., and it is simpler to use.

Third, Premium materials

Plastic and cast iron faucets have been eliminated. Zinc alloy faucets are easily oxidized when exposed to water, and they are not suitable for releasing heavy metals harmful to the human body. Although stainless steel and ceramic faucets are not harmful to health, the production cost is pretty high, and stainless steel is easily damaged, ceramics are fragile, so the cost performance is not high. In contrast, the refined copper faucet not only has mature production technology, but also is not easily corroded and has a good antibacterial effect. Copper faucet is a better choice obviously.