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How To Check Stainless Steel Sink

Sep 25, 2019

As a leading supplier of stainless steel sink, Symbol has very strict quality control system. How to check finished stainless steel sink? There are some inspection specification as followed:

A. Material check

  Stainless steel sinks from Symbol are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, we will check raw material supplier’s material report that whether Cr>18% and Ni>8%. Only the qualified raw material will be used for production.

B. Thickness check

  As for thickness check, we mainly check two aspects. On the one hand, the stainless steel thickness shall be specified before drawing. On the other hand, we will check the actual thickness after drawing.

C. Dimension check

  The dimension shall be check according to specified in product drawing sheet. Faucet hole will be checked as well stainless steel sink has faucet hole.

D. Surface check

  Stainless steel sink visible surface shall be examined for defects by the unaided eye under ordinary light at a distance of approximately 610mm. Visible surface shall be free of blemishes, cracks, die marks, pinholes and wrinkles.

E. Warpage test

  The sample shall be placed on a flat and level surface to ascertain the amount of deviation from the horizontal plane that exists at its edges.

F. Markings check

  Markings on stainless steel sink should not be decolorized and should be clear and readable.

G. Packaging check

  Packaging for stainless steel sinks shall meet customer’s request.

H. Installation instruction check

  Check the installation instructions with customer requests.