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how stainless steel sinks are made

May 21, 2017

To everyone simply introduce the production process of stainless steel sinks, stainless steel sinks generally include the selection of raw materials, production processes, surface treatment, and so on, generally need to undergo these three steps, including the selection of raw materials and production process is the most important.

1, the choice of raw materials:

At present, stainless steel sink manufacturers commonly used stainless steel raw materials for 0.8-1 0mm thick stainless steel plate, this thickness is the most suitable for the production of sinks, if the plate is too thin then it will affect the service life and strength of the sink, and if it is too thick is easy to damage the washing tableware.

2. Production process:

Main is the stainless steel sink trough processing technology, there are two main, respectively, a molding method and welding method.

Welding method:

are respectively stamping groove and groove body, and then the use of welding methods to connect the two, the weld surface to fill the polished treatment, generally in the face of the positive appearance is not to see the traces of welding. This production processing method is simple, small stamping equipment and simple molds can be done, the general use of 0.5-0.7mm around the stainless steel plate, this treatment method of production loss less, the cost is relatively low, so this method of production of stainless steel sinks relative to the price is relatively low.

One-time Molding method:

This kind of treatment method stainless steel trough is the whole piece of sheet material presses into, to the processing equipment, the mold request and so on are relatively high, because one molding to the plank's quality and the ductility request is high, therefore generally uses the 0.8-1mm thick stainless steel plate stamping, uses the whole mold, the import stamping equipment. Because of a molding process in the production of plate edge cutting loss, coupled with higher tooling and equipment input, so its cost is high, so this method of production of stainless steel sinks is more expensive.

3, Surface Treatment:

Stainless steel sink Surface treatment is also a variety of main, mainly matte light, have brushed, scrub and so on, because there are these surface treatment methods, so can ensure that the sink is always new, of course, the premise is to keep the stainless steel sink clean.