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how much are undermount sinks

Jun 13, 2017

The 304 stainless steel undermount sinks are relatively more popular in many flume products. So 304 stainless steel sinks will cost more than other ordinary sinks. If you are in the 304 stainless steel sink manufacturers Direct purchase will certainly be much cheaper than the market price, after all, the middle of this eliminates the multiple distribution profits.

The market is good for a lot of stainless steel undermount sinks, but the poor quality stainless steel sinks are also many. However, do not worry, as long as you choose a good stainless steel sink manufacturer or store or brand, so that the stainless steel sink will be more comfortable. We specialize in the production and distribution of stainless steel sinks, welcome to our stainless steel sink situation!


In the stainless steel tank market in the domestic generally the real use of food-grade stainless steel undermount sinks very little, very little. In addition to individual specialized high-end export manufacturers, are using 304 stainless steel material. Food-grade stainless steel sinks, if the machine stamping, the price is 600-1000, the water fittings are also relatively good, no use of recycled materials.

If it is hand-welded, the price is very expensive, not less than 1500-2000 yuan. Ordinary 304 stainless steel is much cheaper, the stamping basin is basically between 300-500, hand welding basin at about 1000.

This is the factory price, market prices of about 20%.

In addition, the configuration of the faucet is also very important. Lead-free faucets are normal between 500-1500. If with the kind of Zhejiang, Fujian production of low-end faucet, 150-300 can be. Therefore, the general price is difficult to choose a good product. It is advisable to go to the physical store to see. Do more to make a comparison, do plainly consumption. Don't be superstitious about packages and promotions, which are almost always deceptive.