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how large kitchen sink

Jun 13, 2017

The sink is an indispensable part of the kitchen. As people's consumption levels and aesthetic ideas continue to improve, the traditional cement, ceramic sink from the modern family kitchen quietly retired. Stainless steel sink due to practical and beautiful, lightweight and durable, and gradually become the protagonist of the market. So, in the end should choose how large kitchen sink more appropriate?

Various sizes are considered kitchen sink size

Sinks are usually framed in a single-basin, double-basin, three-basin and wing-type, in which single-basin and double-basin type is more commonly used. The industry recommended: "In general, single-basin type of sink is more suitable for smaller space kitchen, users can meet the basic cleaning function. The market also has a larger single-basin sink, basin large, large volume, Cleaning large size of the tableware is not easy to bump, with more convenient and comfortable. "Currently on the market has a length of more than 900 mm long basin-type sink, modeling more style.


Double basin type of kitchen sink is very practical, generally for the twin pots, that is, a main basin plus a auxiliary basin, more suitable for large kitchen. Sub-pots have a certain "division of labor", the main pot used to clean the tableware and ingredients, auxiliary pot is mainly used for net bubble or water. Experts, the standard size of the sink design, the depth is generally about 20 cm in the best, so washing tableware more convenient, and can prevent water splashing, while the basin wall is 90 degrees vertical angle can increase the use of the sink area. It should be noted, however, that if the water hole is in the center of the sink

Home, cabinets will reduce the use of space. So the water hole should be followed by the water pipe close to the wall to install, not only fast, but also effective use of space.