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how install undermount kitchen sink

May 19, 2017

In addition to the different shapes, the different installation undermount kitchen sink method can provide full design freedom for cabinets.

1, Stage Basin installation

The stage basin is easy to install, as long as the hole can be opened on the table. On the stage Basin flume style has a variety of edge design to choose from, to ensure that the sink and Mesa connection gap evenly, can not have water seepage situation.

2, Taiwan flat basin installation

The use of Taiwan Flat basin toinstall undermount kitchen sink method, to achieve a seamless installation of sinks and countertops effect. The edge of the flat trough, can easily wipe water droplets and other stains into the sink, 1 no stains will be left in the gutters and countertops in the gap, safety and health. Due to the seamless installation of sinks and countertops, there is a greater use of space. The sink and Mesa Perfect match, the appearance is beautiful.


3, under the basin installation

The use of the basin to install undermount kitchen sink method, the sink is installed under the table, with greater use of space, table easy to clean.

4, no need to open hole installation

No need to open hole installation of the tank is more convenient, but also has a number of features, such as can be installed in the corner of the style, can make full use of space.