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How Cleaning My Stainless Steel kitchen Sink Daily Helped Prolong its Beauty

Jul 28, 2017

The kitchen sink is one of the most used items in the kitchen. Whether you are a kitchen savant or a takeout eater; you will use your kitchen sink daily and constantly. Being an eye-catching part of the kitchen, any home owner would like to maintain and prolong the luster and the aesthetic beauty of the sink. No one wants a rusting and dingy sink. It immediately gives the wrong impression to guests.

Stainless steel sink is fairly easily to clean and maintain. Being a champ compared to other kitchen sink materials, stainless steel sink is resistant to many things. Here are some things I always do to maintain the beauty of my sink.

1.Always wipe the sink dry after use with a soft cloth.
2.Avoiding harsh chemicals from getting in contact with my sink.
3.Immediately rinsing any soft detergent or cleaner with hot water
4.Scrubbing the sink with soft scouring pad following the grain lines on the surface, whenever it requires more thorough cleaning.
5.Avoiding prolong exposure of kitchen sink to anything acidic, like lemon for example.

For extra shine, I rub club soda using a soft cloth on the stainless steel sink. I makes a huge difference.

Now after more than 8 years of daily use. My stainless steel kitchen sink still looks as good a new.

Below are some descriptions of my sink:
-SUS304 material
-16G apron farmhouse sink
-Use daily by a family of 4