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how big are kitchen sinks

Jun 14, 2017


1,304 # Material Stainless Steel

2,202 # Material Stainless Steel

3,201 # material stainless steel


The sink is the heart of the kitchen, according to the statistics, the use of the sink in the kitchen is the highest frequency, before and after dinner preparation and cleaning work, more than 70%, have to deal with the sink. Stainless steel sink is the most widely used in the current kitchen.

Stainless steel sinks generally have three categories, single tank, double tank, three tank sink. Of course, different models are not the same size, but in general the size of stainless steel sink is still relatively standard.

The size of the double slot is generally 75 * 40cm, 81 * 43cm, 77 * 43cm and 78 * 43cm is more common; three slots are generally 97 *, the size of the single slot 68 * 45cm, 50 * 40cm is relatively small; 48cm, 103 * 50cm is more common.