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How are stainless steel sinks made

May 16, 2017

The sink must choose SUS304 stainless steel, only 304 stainless steel sink can be more durable long life (said life is as high as 75 years long), the real does not rust. Exquisite hand trough to 304 stainless steel as raw material, manual groove is the use of raw materials is 1.2mm thick, and is already through the straight drawing and punching treatment of 304 stainless steel.


1. welding

Mainly after the combination of computer welding and manual welding, before welding, you must first after the bending of the gap for manual docking, and then the computer welding, double slot by two welding a good single slot and then welding, the same computer after welding Quality of the whole seizure to ensure that the quality of each sink, a good welding to the white oxide line for the best, but also high-quality hand-groove unique identity signs. The core of the manual trough is that the product is not subjected to stretch forming, requires a large number of artificial welding, seam welding, snap spot welding, R angle spot welding, every welding, the need for extensive experience and careful operation of the welding division to ensure that Quality of welding. After the welding is completed, it needs to be polished.

 2. polished

Pure hand tank grinding is mainly dealing with spot welding and edge welding and other welding marks, is the process of re-landscaping, to reproduce the flat surface and straight drawing lines.

3. Belt belt.

 Belt is used to deal with the computer welding double slot, the middle of the tank surface oxidation and weld marks, through the belt on the weld line grinding, you can make the weld disappeared, and reproduce the beautiful straight drawing lines.

4. Pad.

 Pad is in the bottom of the sink and the side wall affixed to the environmental sponge pad.

5. Spraying

Pure hand tank spray coating used in different materials than the drawing tank, spray the process is also different from the stretch slot, spray the thickness of thin, smoothness is good, naturally dry. Common point is the use of environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free odorless water-based spray material.

6. sanding

Each of the manual troughs need to be sanded, the sand is the surface of the sink again to optimize the role of sand is to ensure that each section of a pure manual sink before the flat surface, as well as clear straight drawing lines.

7. Packaging

After all the processes are packed. The staff in the packaging is very careful, and also carried out a stress test, etc., is to ensure that the tank in the long distance transport process is not deformed to ensure aesthetics.