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Handmade Stainless Steel Sink-Micro-R

Jul 31, 2020

As an upgraded product of the zero radius corner sink, the round corner sink not only inherits the angular, high-end advantages of the zero-r sink, but also perfectly solves the problem of hiding dirt and not easy to clean.

The rounded corners of R10 are in line with people's aesthetics. The sink bowl is polished to be bright which won’t dirt collection and blackening. Although there are more processes in the process, the overall aesthetics and practicality have been greatly improved.In addition to R10, there are also R15, R20 and other different radius of rounded sinks for you to choose from

All in all, when you buy a sink, pay attention to whether the inner corner of the sink is zero-r or micro-e. Because the zero-r sink has fewer processes, the price will be correspondingly cheaper. If you don't want to endure washing things in a sink which is hard to clean , choose a micro-r sink.

double bowl undermount sink,BD-3118