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drop in kitchen sinks single bowl white

Jun 16, 2017

When we choose the kitchen stainless steel sink when the general from which to choose? Many people in the choice of kitchen utensils when the general will choose stainless steel household appliances, but we choose when the stainless steel appliances to how to choose? Prior to this we have been the kitchen faucet stainless steel sink of the purchase focus on the size, anti-fouling ability, 09 kitchen bathroom exhibition focus on the visual effects and user-friendly design, a change into the faucet stainless steel face and A single scrubbing effect, color, texture, light perception and many other aspects have a good performance. We can choose from the time from the following Xi Jun kitchen and toilet introduced by these aspects to carry out a consideration.


1, color: black

Olin launched a black kitchen faucet stainless steel sink, the material was artificial marble, with particular emphasis on the same paragraph with the black leader.

2, texture: cortex

Retro fashionable snakeskin pattern is not only suitable for toilet basin, after special treatment can also be used as a kitchen stainless steel sink.

3, design: integration

Hot and cold water, water pipe, knife, trash, tableware rack, hardware ... ... a sink to meet most of the kitchen function.

4, design: human

Franca integrated molding sink faucet, retractable faucet, the use of a wider area, two control of the outlet switch, a variety of water options.

5, design: 360 degree rotation

Franca sump faucet can be rotated 360 degrees, the operation more casual.

6, technology: polishing

Olin triple polishing process, cocktail-like light perception.

7, save: hot and cold water, water purification

Hot and cold water and water sharing a leading, one after another do not affect each other, saving a leading, saving some kitchen space.