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double undermount kitchen sink stainless steel

May 21, 2017

The main body Chaigai to complete the need to determine the water and electricity point, first of all to make an appointment cabinet designer to carry out the first cabinet test, determine the cabinet components and points. We must determine the size when we choose the sink in our home. The kitchen sink is indispensable in the life of utensils, can be said in the kitchensink the use rate is the highest, so choose a beautiful and practical sink is very important, then, then, you know the size of the sink there are few species?


Stainless steel Sink Size: 1, the general single trough stainless steel sink for 60 is relatively small, 2, the size of the two-groove General 88to 48CMI, 81 is more common; 3, the three-groove is generally 97 48cm, 103 is more common.