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double stainless steel kitchen sink

May 22, 2017

For the big kitchen, we think we can analyze:

First of all, for the sink of the first requirement is, large pots can be conveniently put into the sink cleaning, under this request, if your cabinet is relatively small, can water tank position is relatively small, then you do not have to consider other, directly on the menu slot. If your sink position is big, put a double groove can also choose one of the big pots can conveniently put down large cleaning, then you can continue to look down.


Next, is your cleaning habits, wash vegetables, you like to direct bubble sink, or like to use other basins in the sink cleaning? If you like the direct bubble sink, I suggest you buy a double trough, with a single trough every time you have to make a big trough of water, not environmental protection also waste. If you like to use another basin to clean, then the menu slot will be more open.

In addition, the double trough can be used to wash the greasy things with a trough, a groove to wash the refreshing things, with a single groove, because of the large operating space, generally splash outside the water will be less.