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double sink kitchen undermount

Jun 13, 2017

The sink is the heart of the kitchen, according to statistics, the use of water sinks in the kitchen is the highest frequency, before meals preparation and clean-up work, more than 70%, and sinks to deal with. Stainless steel sinks are the most used in the kitchen. So how to choose stainless steel sink size? What's the size of the sink? According to the understanding, the general stainless steel flume size is about 600, 500 is the most common minimum stainless steel flume size. And the price of stainless steel sinks depends on the size of the size.

The newly purchased double bowl kitchen sink can be coated with a layer of animal or vegetable grease, isolating the surface of the sink from contact with corrosive substances.


Cleaning stainless steel sinks with sponge or cotton, such as cleaning agent to use a neutral detergent gently scrub;

If the retention of water produced a mineral deposition, you can use a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove, and then completely clean water.

Do not dispose of waste water in the sink in the decoration, do not use cleaning products containing chlorine components such as bleach sink, silver detergent or containing sulphur, hydrochloric acid, and photographic drugs or solder, such as molten matter should be immediately washed clean water;

Do not use the steel ball to scrub the double bowl kitchen sink, avoid scratches on the surface and make the metal particles attach to the basin wall leading to rust;

Do not use rubber pads, because dirt under the blanket is hard to clean.

Three-groove or sub-mother groove because of the many special-shaped design, more suitable for the style of the large kitchen, quite practical, because it can be soaked at the same time and washing and storage, and many other functions, but also to make food separate, time-saving and labor-saving.

In the modern kitchen design, the function area of the double bowl sink is obviously expanded, such as the sink and cabinet is connected to the place is opened up a work area, so that the sink even with the storage functions. Of course, the shape of the console also determines the shape of the flume, such as T-shaped console in order to maximize space savings and achieve the goal of labor-saving, often at the corner of the installation of T-shaped flume to meet the principle of construction engineering.