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double sink in kitchen is clogged

May 20, 2017

Kitchen sink clogged Reason

1,sink pipe small, elbow and more

2, lost the chopsticks and so easy to plug things in the pipeline

3,decorate the house when the drop of cement or slag

4, pipeline use long pipelines inside the edge of the oil is more often blocked.


Kitchen sink clogged Little coup

Coup one: water sink into the sink to solve the oil jam

Because the most reason for plugging is fat hanging in the pipeline, the solution is to burn a pot of boiling water into the sink and add some cold water to the water temperature in 60-70 degrees, if the water heater and the kitchen connection is better resolved, hot water in the summer to continue to run for 2-3 minutes on the line, the winter time Completely blocked after the trouble some, do not easily open water bends or accumulate dust cups, because the sealing pads damaged or the installation of bad will leak.


Coup two: water puller to absorb loose debris to solve the sink clogged

When the water is pulled, make sure that the water is sealed. The water plays the effect of sealing the air. Pull the water to cover the drain, and push the air and water out of the water, and then the negative pressure will bring out or loose the thing. At the same time with the water flow, generally if there is more debris, need to pull a few more to pass.