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double kitchen sink undermount

May 21, 2017

The most common water sinks in the market are stainless steel, man-made stone, ceramics and so on, the choice of where the material sink is to consider and kitchen decoration style and room tones on the integration. Stainless steel sinks Use the most, not only because the price has a variety of grades easy to choose, and stainless steel material performance is quite modern flavor, can reach the effect of hundreds, and easy to clean, light weight, at the same time with corrosion resistance, high temperature, moisture resistance and so on.


The most popular stainless steel wire drawing sinks and stainless steel embossing sinks have become the new darlings of Western kitchens, overcoming the drawbacks of having water scars and scratching, and having good sound-absorbing property, the appearance is better than the price, of course, relatively high prices. Man-made stone sinks, commonly known as acrylic sinks, are very stylish, corrosion-resistant, malleable, with no seams at the corners, and softer than the metal texture of stainless steel sinks. And acrylic has a wealth of colors to choose from, can be paired with the whole kitchen, just use carefully, sharp knives and rough objects will scratch the surface and damage the finish.