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double bowl undermount stainless steel sink

Jun 14, 2017

Double bowl stainless steel sink scale is due to our long-term use of the sink does not clean up the results, the water stains look very disgusting, it is difficult to clean, then every family will encounter the Troubles. Below, I teach a few strokes of the common stainless steel sink scaling removal method in life.

Double bowl stainless steel sink scale-vinegar descaling

will have the scale of the container. Pour into edible vinegar, the container to pick up the shaking, so that there is a scale of the place to eat vinegar soaked, more shaking several times after the container to place about 20 minutes. 20 minutes to find that the scale has begun to fall off, in order to remove the scale cleaner can be poured warm water into the container, flooded with a scale of the place. Soak in half an hour or so, the longer the effect the better. After soaking, you can find that the scale of the bottom of the container is almost all off. Clean the container. Edible vinegar main ingredient is acetic acid, scale main ingredient is calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate. Edible vinegar and scale after meeting, will produce calcium acetate and carbonic acid. Carbonic acid can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, the formation of calcium acetate can also be soluble in water. So you can clear out the scale, the proposal to use concentrated vinegar, the effect is better. The reason for soaking in warm water and vinegar is that the reaction is quicker and the effect is better.


Double bowl stainless steel sink scale-lemon descaling method

Slice the lemon into a scale-scale container. If the container can be heated, it can be heated to open water, and then it is easy to place for about 10 minutes. If the container that cannot be heated can be poured into the starting soak for 20 minutes. The higher the temperature, the better the dissolution effect. Lemon is the main ingredient of citric acid, citric acid is weak acid. Weak acid after heating and scale occurrence of chemical reaction, resulting in scaling off. The more lemons, the higher the acidity. The better the effect. The citric acid scale products sold in the market are extracted from lemons. Because the extraction of high purity, so good effect.