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double bowl undermount stainless steel kitchen sink

Jun 13, 2017

The role of sinks in the kitchen is very important, but also the home life is very important position, for our home life is also a great impact. As a small helper in our kitchen, the purchase of sinks often puzzles everyone, especially about the kitchen sink single groove good or double groove good problem, especially many people mentioned.

Double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink vs single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink


Single bowl: Is the price is cheaper, the same area, single trough can get more space, and single trough only a sink, in the installation of the water pipe, the structure is relatively simple, convenient and durable. Single-slot prices are cheap, and in the same installation space, single slots can be used to achieve greater use of space. That is to open the same large hole on the table, the use of the single trough basin is larger than the double groove. There is only one single tank in the water, the lower pipe is simpler than the double groove. It is not convenient to place the items in a single slot after cleaning (so the single slot also produces a lot of types, such as adding drain area).

Double bowl: Installation, and single groove, on the table open a hole of the same size, but because there are two of reasons, usually cleaning vegetables and pots and pans, you can separate the two, do not stir together to clean, to avoid greasy vegetables, very environmentally friendly and durable, but also save water resources. Although the price is expensive, but the same installation space can be more convenient to use, a sink can be used to brush pots, washing cloth and other dirty spots of the work, the other to wash dishes, dishes, washing fruit. Wash things in one, the other to drain and so on. But the double trough has two water, the water management is more complex, the bad probability is also high. If your sink position is big, put a double groove can also choose one of the big pots can conveniently put down large cleaning.