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double bowl stainless steel sink

Jun 14, 2017

A lot of consumers in the family is sure to buy the use of sinks, and our sink is a very good choice, we have brought a very good effect, but if you want to buy the use of sinks, how to determine their own needs single bowl stainless steel sink or double bowl stainless steel sink it?

Kitchen sink single groove good or double groove-kitchen sink single groove double groove How to choose´╝č


According to the size of the kitchen table: Single slot accounted for a small size, save the kitchen space, if the home kitchen Mesa size is relatively small, can not fit double groove, the choice of large single groove. If the kitchen table size is large, whether it is double groove or single groove, there will be no impact, the choice of double groove, size specifications are much larger than the single groove, but also very convenient.

According to the use of the habit to decide: if you like to put big pots in the sink to wash, but the home cabinets are small, the location of the sink is not much, you can directly choose a larger single sink; If you are accustomed to washing vegetables or bowls with water trough, choose double Trough, choose single trough words, compare waste water source, not environmental protection. The biggest difference is that half of the two grooves can be used to clean the greasy stuff, generally used to clean vegetables, but the area of the sink is smaller, the single trough is large area, will not be easy to sprinkle water on the table.