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double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink undermount

May 20, 2017

Classification of stainless steel kitchen sinksurface types

Matt, wire drawing and mercerizing, respectively, refer to the surface of the flume treated with a, two and three times of polishing process. Polishing treatment can improve the abrasion resistance and ph of the kitchen sink. Among them, after three polishing treatment of mercerizing trough the highest brightness, giving a shiny visual feeling, contact with the skin is also very delicate touch, while the matte, drawing surface of the trough in the brightness of the English, but durability and smoothness as satisfactory.

1. Matte Sand pearl silver noodles. Matte Pearl silver Face more popular, its process is to use the surface of the first sandblasting, and then to its chemical surface treatment, the surface is luxurious, long new, both the brightness of the high gloss, but also the durability of sanding, general choice more. Its advantages are not oil, and very beautiful, it should be said that it is more oil-proof, but in the wear-resistant to keep up with the embossed and frosted.


2. Matte brushed surface. Wire drawing treatment is more than the treatment of stainless steel on the surface of the formation of line-like stripes, more easily with the naked eye to distinguish between color reflection of stainless steel. Its advantage is the more the new, drawing, in fact, is grinding out of the grinding wheel, this surface treatment also belongs to a better practical.

3. mercerizing surface. Mercerizing surface has gradually become popular, features are the advantages of grinding sand drawing technology and polishing mirror advantages in one, performance delicate, silky satin.

4. Polishing Mirror. Polished with a mirror general, high finish, but easy to scratch, looks good, with a long time the most headache, the most unsightly, so at the moment basically no one in the domestic use.

5. Embossed (embossed) surface. Embossed (embossed) surface is made of embossed material, but its cost is relatively high, it is very wearable, durability above four kinds of sinks above.

6, spray layer treatment. This is a cheap way of dealing with most of the small water trough products in China, mainly in the stainless steel surface sprayed with a layer of material to make the surface more wearable, and do some color treatment.