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double bowl sink for kitchen

May 21, 2017

The sink is the kitchen heart. According to statistics, the kitchen all kinds of supplies, sinks the highest utilization rate. After meal preparation and clean-up work, more than 65% of the time directly related to the sink, so choose a beautiful, good performance, clean and clean sink, for the construction of a comfortable, warm kitchen, is very important.

The sink on the one hand to size enough to meet the needs of the use. Also consider the space that occupies the cupboard and the location of the kitchen in relation to the prep area and cooking area.

1, round

The circular flume can add a parts to the kitchen by changing the line, but the interior of the circle is smaller than the square sink. The circular trough is common has the single basin and the double basin design, but many small kitchen basin's style is less.


2, Special-shaped sink

It can make use of the space more rationally while guaranteeing the function. The special-shaped flume is also divided into single and double grooves, which should be selected according to the use.

3, Rectangular

The interior space of the rectangular flume can be maximized and the flume design is also the richest. It is also easy to use with removable drain baskets and chopping board.