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double basin kitchen sinks stainless steel

Jun 02, 2017

The kitchen is a place to satisfy the butchered. From the cold raw materials to the final color of the flavor of the delicious taste needs to undergo a series of washing, cutting, cooking and other processes, this is the first step is a variety of washing. Wash vegetable basin Amoy Rinse Rinse the era has long ended, replaced by a variety of dedicated washing trough. Recently, the stainless steel trough basin stands out in numerous washing troughs.

The stainless steel trough will immediately be attracted by the appearance of modern metal. Product surface has a charming cold feeling, exposure to the steel trough on the top of the light reflected in the face of a person, there is a natural soft light feeling, very wonderful. This light is different from the dazzling "bright", low-key and textured. A cursory look at the past, the faucet, trough basin also has a lot of soft curve design, and the cold feeling of the stainless steel. As a whole, it's like a cool ice beauty.


Steel trough basin of wire drawing process so that the product presents a noble texture and a strong fashion flavor, wire-drawing treatment of the product surface reflection of the light is very soft, comfortable not dazzling. Products touch the photosensitive and not slippery, similar to the glass feel.p201703021658167615957.jpg