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deep double bowl stainless steel kitchen sinks

Jun 14, 2017

deep double bowl stainless steel kitchen sinks

People to food as the day, the person is iron rice is steel meal is not hungry to eat panic all explain the importance of eating, and after eating the need to carry out the cleaning of the table, and now such a trivial situation has become very tangled, a lot of young families are very tired of this thing, the small part of the need for everyone to introduce the stainless steel kitchen sink and sink installation steps so that you can better use the sink, below please see the introduction of the installation of the sink.


Introduction of stainless steel kitchen installation steps

1, height. Whichever tank is installed, choose the height that suits you best. Stainless steel sink should be installed with the height of the kitchen console, so that in the daily life of the use of more convenient.

2, stage Basin installation. The sink platform is easy to install, as long as the hole can be opened on the table. On the stage Basin flume style has a variety of edge design to choose from, to ensure that the stainless steel sink and Mesa connection gap evenly, can not have water seepage situation.

3, Taiwan flat basin installation. The installation method of flat basin is adopted to realize the seamless installation effect of stainless steel sink and Mesa. Flat stainless steel sink edge, can easily wipe the water droplets and other stains into the stainless steel sink, no stains will be left in the sink and Mesa Gap, safety and health. Thanks to the seamless installation of kitchen sinks and countertops, there is a greater use of space. Stainless steel sink and Mesa Perfect match, pleasing in appearance.

4. Installation of the lower basin. Stainless steel sinks using the platform under the basin installation method, stainless steel sinks are installed under the table, with greater use of space, table easy to clean.

Advantages of stainless steel kitchen sink

Acid and alkali-resistant, anti-oxidation, surface beautiful, can often maintain bright as new, durable.

Strong and resilient, resistant to impact and abrasion, without damage to cleaning utensils.

Many functions, light, through the precision processing, can be made of different styles, and various types of kitchen countertops.