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Contemporary stainless steel kitchen sinks

Aug 04, 2017


Good stainless steel sinks use thicker plates, because of the edge of the trough treatment, it is difficult to see the thickness, the simplest way: a little force on the surface of the sink, if the press down, the description of the material is very thin, of course, if you can borrow the vernier caliper and the spiral micrometer to do not so troublesome.


Warm reminder

Remind you, in the selection of the basin, you can seriously see whether there is a very fine seam of the weld, there are words, it must be virtual welding, then, the accumulation of time, filth, will '; remind you: in buying the sink, you can use the hand in the wall part of the basin to touch, to see if there is no bulge, high-grade sink will not have a bulge; again, to remind you to buy a stretch sink, pay attention to the thickness of the sink and endurance