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Common sense on the selection of stainless steel sinks

Nov 15, 2016

1, the domestic sinks unique double-layer compound coating, elegant texture, high hardness, scratch resistant metal. 2, the use of materials with SUS304DDQ stainless steel plate;, thickness moderate, 0.8mm-1.0mm, thin affecting service life of tank and strength, too thick to lose strength damage washing dishes. 3, normally, washing large volume tank practical good depth to 20cm better so that you can effectively prevent water splash, and depth is also an important index reflecting sink bracket, larger than 18cm depth double trough sink is a high grade product. 4, sink surface with Matt for aesthetic and practical, not only non-glare reflective and able to withstand repeated wear porcelain, tableware, easy to clean, like new. 5, according to the family's wash features to select large-diameter pipe, stainless steel head is the best. 6, according to the width kitchen width determines the counter sink, sink the width kitchen countertops should be less about 10cm. According to the domestic kitchen countertops in 50cm-60cm this characteristic and reasonable width of the sink can be obtained at 43cm-48cm.