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clogged double kitchen sink

May 20, 2017

Kitchen sink clogged Little coup

1: Steel wire U-shaped sink to solve sink clogged

General kitchen under the water pipe plug most of the place is U-shaped bend, if it is with sewage screws of the sewer, it is good to do, directly to its twist, but the best before processing, the bottom cushion a sewage basin, so as not to get dirty cabinets. After the twist, use the wire to pass the two sides, generally soon can be resolved. If it has not been resolved, you can remove all the water pipes, all the plastic connection to open the mouth, rinse clean, remove impurities in order after the assembly, not more than half an hour will be done.


2: Steel wire hook out impurities solution sink clogged

So what if there is no sewer screw clogging up? Some friends like to use a stick son stab, this is certainly a big mistake, not only will not solve the problem, but also will stab more strong. If it is a vertical down pipe, we can bend the steel wire in front of a small hook, and then remove the water, with wire to hook out impurities. If there is no solution, the sink in the first half a basin of water, and then a group of Dishcloth into a regiment, hands in the water will be the dishcloth in the sink in the mouth, like artificial respiration up and down, the general small problem can be dealt with, of course, can also be solved with plunger.