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cheap double undermount sink

May 20, 2017

Single basin sink and double undermount sink each have their own advantages and disadvantages, in the actual life, single basin and double basin which is better, in fact, should not be generalize, but should be judged according to the actual situation.

1, according to individual dietary habits and determined

Everyone has their own diet hobbies, some people like Chinese food, some people prefer Western food, east and west dining habits, but also affect the choice of sinks.

If you prefer Chinese food, a little more than one groove seems better, so it is more convenient to put the wok in the cleaning. In addition, a larger single sink can also be convenient to wash dishes, dishes, dishes and other items.


If it is a preference for Western food friends, small make a suggestion or choose a double undermount sink is better. Western Food tableware General number more, and more to the main plate, double trough more convenient side of the sink cleaning, while drained, while cleaning up also more convenient.

2, depending on the size of the kitchen table

If the kitchen countertop in the home is small, no more than two slots, the selection of large single groove on the line, do not buy small size of the single trough, if the kitchen table size is large, whether it is a double undermount sink or a single groove, there will be no impact, so the kitchen sink single undermount sink good or double undermount sink good? This still depends on the size of the kitchen table, single undermount sink and double undermount sink  is very good.