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can you weld 18-8 stainless steel

Jun 14, 2017

Stainless steel sink-Stainless steel connection sink installation method

Generally there are stage basins, Taichung Basin and Taiwan Basin (that is, the bottom basin) three kinds. The only advantage of the lower basin is that it is very easy to put the water on the countertop into the sink, which is very good, but there is also a very bad place, that is, once the need for sale, it is very difficult to deal with, if the sink is broken, or the need to replace the sink, the table will probably be discarded, the other basin under the adhesive is not environmentally friendly;


Taichung Basin is the table polished to a layer, the stainless steel sink and Mesa made into a plane, but because the thickness of the table is certain, the general will be thicker, is more difficult to install, so this installation method is not used at present.

Stage basin is the most commonly used sink installation method, because the stage basin can use a special clip (or hook) to encrypt the way the seal can be done, is very convenient, even if it is bad need to replace the whole sink is very easy, and can not need to play glue, and generally also do not glue, because if the glue time is long after the connection will have black side, it will be difficult to see.