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brushed stainless steel kitchen sink

Jun 07, 2017

Stainless steel sinks are brushed in the end what kind of better? At present, stainless steel sink market on the surface of the sink is generally better, but now more than half of the market surface treatment technology is brushed. If this choice is a little difficult to choose, since all are brushed, that must have good and bad points! About stainless steel sink which kind of wire drawing process is better? How to see the workmanship of stainless steel sink by drawing details?

1, brushed after the luster is dim

Generally after drawing treatment of the stainless steel surface is soft and bright, not dazzling, but also will not gloss dim. It is not easy to absorb oil, and it is not easy to residual water stains. And some of the poor wire drawing stainless steel sinks, the surface after drawing, due to the depth of uneven, resulting in different surface reflection, bleak, easy to stick oil, not good cleaning.


2, splicing drawing

Wire-Drawing treatment sinks in the trough wall and groove at the junction of the more natural, while the poor treatment of the sink at the junction of the obvious stitching traces, this is mainly due to the immature wire drawing process, or the first wire drawing good stainless steel plate, and then the stamping tank caused by two splicing, extremely influence beautiful

3. No drawing at the corners

The sink with a good workmanship, the corners are also filamentous. and the production process of the general trough, due to the limitations of the process, can not be used to wire drawing tools to deal with corners, or to save time, will be the corner of the simple processing can be.

4. Uneven thickness

The true wire drawing is good, the filament is the thickness uniformity, the thickness uniformity of the water tank surface beautiful atmosphere, and the thickness is not only affect the appearance, at the same time to touch the obvious sense of texture is poor, have a rough feeling, but easy to filth.