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brushed finish stainless steel sinks

Jun 15, 2017

Often have customer consultation: Stainless steel sink is brushed good or pearl silver noodles better? Let me introduce you to the pros and cons of both.


Pearl Silver Noodles Flume main craft: Chemical surface treatment (commonly known as "Pearl silver noodles")

Main process: Pickling, sandblasting, electrochemical treatment.

Advantages: Low requirements on the mold, steel quality and surface requirements, not easy to scrape flowers, simple surface treatment and low cost.

Disadvantage: The surface is not stainless steel, but the gold steel sand, gold steel sand fine hole easy to breed fine, the time long surface will become black or fall off form bald spot, pickling and electrolysis waste water pollution environment, not environmental protection.

Description: This surface treatment process in addition to the individual brands do use 304 materials, 201 materials mostly for the low-end trough application. Antirust function relies mainly on chemical coatings rather than on high-quality stainless steel materials.

Main process of drawing surface sink: Physical surface treatment (brushed, soft wire surface treatment)

Main Craft: Polishing

Advantages: Stainless Steel primary color surface, metal texture strong, healthy and new and easy to take care of, the production process of low pollution (environmental protection).

Disadvantages: The mold and material (mostly used 304 stainless steel) requirements, processing difficult, high economic costs.

Description: Stainless steel is an internationally recognized safety material that can be implanted into the human body. The international medium and high end sinks almost all adopt the physical surface treatment craft. "Soft silk" surface treatment is "brushed" surface treatment of the "upgraded version", the surface soft and delicate.