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best drop in stainless steel kitchen sink

Jun 15, 2017

How to judge the best stainless steel sink? The following is described in two ways


1. Thickness of stainless steel sink: good stainless steel sinks are relatively thick plate, the best choice between 0.8-1.0mm, pelvic floor thickness should reach 1mm. In this thickness, the choice of 304 # stainless steel material, so that the tank has a toughness, too thin affect the service life and strength of the sink, too thick easy to damage the tableware, the thickness can be the maximum to avoid all kinds of porcelain vessels due to damage caused by damage The The ordinary low-grade sink with 0.5mm-0.7mm, identification method can be from the weight and surface is two aspects of the formation of identification. As the sink has been edge treatment, it is difficult to see the thickness of the moment, the easiest way: a little hard by the surface of the sink, if you go on, it means that the material is thin, of course, if you can borrow the vernier caliper and spiral micrometer It was so troublesome.

2. Sink edge thickness (thickness): light and thin thin edge not only the sink of the largest washing space and the smallest size of the appearance has been unified. For a long time, people think that the sink side of the thicker the better, so the water will not be spilled out, this is actually an imagination and the actual misunderstanding. In fact, whether the water will be spilled, and only the depth of the sink. Sink thin edge work exquisite, it can be a good match with the table to prevent the joints at the water seepage, even if there is water droplets, slag fell to the table, with a rag can easily be wiped into the tank, so buy We should pay attention to the flatness of the thin edge, because the thin edge of the processing technology requires a relatively high, the thinner the more difficult to do flat.