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are kitchen sink holes standard size

Jun 10, 2017

The choice of stainless steel sink needs to pay attention to the size of the size

Stainless steel sink standard size: 800x450mm, 500x450mm; now are larger, double basin 920 * 460mm, single basin 500 * 450mm. 

The choice of sink is the need to pay attention to a lot of aspects, such as the sink material, the sink is good or bad, the function of the sink, and the size of the sink and so on. Which the contents of the sink and other aspects of the Chinese sink brand network is introduced, but many other aspects are not introduced to you, so today to tell you about another point, the size of the size of the sink. In the choice of sink when the size of the size of the sink is also need to pay attention.


The size of the sink size can be distinguished from three aspects, which is divided according to the type of sink, because the sink has a single slot, double slot, and three slots. Generally the following three cases:

First, the single slot is often the kitchen space is too small family choice, the lack of place is in use may be some inconvenience, because only to meet the most basic cleaning function;

Second, the double-slot design is the most widely used, because the double slot can meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately, but also because the space occupied by the period is not great, the general space is not too small kitchen can be used , So the double slot design of the sink to become the first choice for many people;

Third, the third tank or the mother slot because of the design for the special shape, it is more suitable for the style of the large kitchen, it is also quite practical, because it can be soaked or washed and stored and many other functions, but also Can make food raw and cooked separately, save time and effort, the use is very convenient.