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60 40 sink which side

Jun 14, 2017

After some observation and understanding, the current sink is mainly divided into single groove, Double Groove and three groove. According to the guide, the single trough is often the kitchen space is relatively small family use, because the single slot is not so convenient to use, so can only meet the most basic cleaning functions. And the double groove is now used by most families, no matter two rooms or three rooms, double grooves can meet the need of cleaning and separate treatment. And the three-groove because of the more special-shaped design, more suitable for a personalized style of the large kitchen, because it can be soaked at the same time and washing and storage and many other functions, so this kind of sink is very suitable for large-style villas and other kitchen.


I went shopping in a circle and found that the current trough a lot of materials, there are stainless steel, man-made stone and ceramics and so on, which stainless steel sinks accounted for the vast majority. Guide Miss Introduction, because stainless steel sink easy to clean, light weight and corrosion resistance, high temperature, moisture resistance, it is the first choice for consumers home. But now the stainless steel sink in the appearance of more personalized, the latest stainless steel scrub sink and stainless steel embossing tank is gradually becoming mainstream.

From the shop to understand the situation, the higher the price of the sink inside the wall feel smoother, consumers can judge the good or bad sink.

Stainless steel Flume has more features, more practical, therefore, most of us will choose stainless steel sinks, in the selection of the time we also must pay attention to the choice of sinks, as well as the composition of the flume structure and the characteristics of the sink, stainless steel selection can be considered from a number of aspects, choose a good stainless steel sink can let us save money also worry